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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

TV News Channels

There was a time when I though that 24 hour TV news channels were great ideas. After enduring them over the past few years I am not so sure. What has really got my goat is the presentation carried out by nearly all channels of the Lucknow based IPS officer Mr. D K Panda.

I just cant understand the reason or newsiness of this particular feature. It is obvious that the person is very ill mentally and requires immediate expert psychiatric treatment. This simple fact is not only lost to the Govt. of India and the Govt of Uttar Pradesh but to all the news channels.

I would like to ask the person who was anchoring this programme as to how much would he appreciate it is one was to ampute his arms and legs, gouge out his eyes and make him a beggar and then make a TV news feature on him.

Similarly was the case of a girl child who was being mistreated by her parents particularly the father. Do the channels asking all those questions on camera realise that they are making life even more miserable for the child. The action to my mind was clear. First - counsel the parents to take care of the child and monitor if there is improvement. In case that is not feasible, seek and put the child in a foster home.

It is really shameful the way TV news channels create news.


  • At 11:20 PM , Blogger MallvikaSingh said...

    Im' lill confused here , ur objection's about the way they r presenting the programme or the topic? If it's the topic I just want to say , this is reality it is happening around us and news is about , giving us whatever happening around us as it happens , when it happens , good or bad , right?If u r objecting about the way they r showing the programme , I wud just like to say , what wrong they did ? They just add some *mirch-masala* in it and , gave that to us in a platter eh? Rnt' we Indian like spice in our food and in our lives as well? Why not just enjoy that spicy news?


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